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  Швейные механики  
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+375 (17) 2704018 +375 (44) 7754055 +375 (29) 1411263 sewmach_sp@mail.ru
GOLDEN WHEEL - швейные машины для тяжелых материалов
Промышленные швейные машины
Бытовые швейные машины
Раскройное оборудование
Гладильное оборудование
Прессы для швейного производства
Фурнитура для прессов
Оборудование для производства мебели, матрасов и подушек
Манекены портновские
Оборудование для пошива бейсболок, кепок, панам, ковбойских шляп
Производство медицинских масок, бахил, одноразовых шапочек
Приспособления SURUCU
Средства малой механизации
Швейная фурнитура и аксессуары
Челноки, шпульные колпачки, шпули
Швейные запчасти
Иглы для швейных машин
Поиск оригинальных запчастей
Виды оборудования
Прямострочные одноигольные машины челночного стежка
Прямострочные одноигольные машины с электронным управлением
Двухигольные машины челночного стежка
Краеобметочные и краеобметочно-стачивающие машины (Оверлоки)
Машины строчки «зиг-заг»
Плоскошовные (распошивальные) машины
Машины цепного стежка, Поясные машины, Шлевочные машины
Подшивочные, Подгибки низа и Намёточные машины
Закрепочные машины и машины программируемой строчки
Петельные машины
Пуговичные машины
Швейные автоматы
Мешкозашивочные машины
Машины для тяжелых и сверхтяжелых материалов
Скорняжные машины
Машины для обуви и кожгалантереи
Мокасиновые швейные машины
Ковровые и специальные оверлоки
Стегальные машины и оборудование для производства матрасов
Машины для герметизации (проклейки) швов
Машины ручного стежка
Машины для декорирования (декоративные строчки)
Вышивальные машины
Вязальные машины
Дисковые раскройные ножи
Вертикальные (сабельные) раскройные ножи
Ленточные раскройные ножи, отрезные линейки, спекатели и раскройные столы
Вырубочные прессы
Гладильные столы и паровые прессы
Парогенераторы и утюги
Прессы для дублирования
Прессы установочные и специальные
Насадки для прессов и швейная фурнитура
Оборудование для пошива бейсболок, кепок, панам, ковбойских шляп
Челноки и шпульные колпачки
Лапки для промышленных швейных машин
Окантователи для промышленных швейных машин
Приспособления для промышленных швейных машин
Пуллеры и устройства натяжения тесьмы
запчасти для промышленных швейных машин
Масло, смазка и специальные средства
запчасти и аксессуары для раскроя
Иглы для промышленных швейных машин
Мебель, моторы и вспомогательное оборудование
Столы для производства мебели
Светильники для промышленных швейных машин
Ножницы портновские
Декоративные гвозди
Швейные аксессуары


Welcome to our web-site!

Company profile | Dealers network | Industrial sewing equipment | Delivery terms | 
Flexible payment conditions | High-quality service and guarantee conditions | Our philosophy

Company profile

Our company was one of the first who began to deal with the sales of industrial sewing equipment in Russia. During these years the company gathered the huge experience in the field of sales and service of professional equipment for sewing factories. At the present moment our company can supply any comprehensive solution for retail sales companies, sewing factories and other companies which are related to industrial sewing equipment.
We select any sewing equipment very closely, aim to satisfy all our clients and customers fully.

If you are the garment manufacturer and you are looking for a high-performance sewing equipment, then, we suggest you to apply to our company specialists, which will help you to make a right choice and will offer to you sewing machines which could increase your production efficiency.

We also pay our special attention to automation of sewing production process, because it is the most prosperous way of development for any sewing factory.
Automation of sewing production process will give you the possibility to decrease your production cost and to increase your working efficiency a lot.


Dealers network

At the present moment our company is one of the leaders in Russia among the companies which deal with the whole sales of industrial sewing equipment. Our company has a branched dealers network covering the territory of the whole country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. There are totally more than 25 representation offices in each big city of Russia.
Our show-room is always available for our customers, and here you can have a look at our products and have a test event of running the machine. Here you can buy anything what you want, starting from the needle and finishing the automatic sewing machine.
We also handle a projects of comprehensive equipping for sewing factories. Our specialists will always assist you and will help to choose the products which suit you exactly!


Industrial sewing equipment

Our company is the official distributor of such world famous brands and acknowledged leaders among the manufacturers of  industrial sewing equipment as BROTHERMAIERASSDURKOPP ADLER and the exclusive agent of the machines under AURORA GOLDEN WHEELPEGASUSARDMELKMPRIMULA CERLIANISCHMETZ, SEWPARTS brands, and can supply the following products to you:

  • Sewing automates such as AURORA, ASS, SiPAMI, HAMS
  • Cutting machines such as AURORA, ARES, КМ, SVEGEA 
  • Ironing equepment such as AURORA, PRIMULA, HASHIMA, LELIT, HASEL
  • Snap attaching machines such as AURORA, SEUNG MIN
  • Industrial sewing machines for baseball caps, caps, panamas, cowboy hats
  • Sewing shuttles such as AURORA, CERLIANI, 7-FUKU
  • Attachments and accessories for sewing production such as AURORA, SEWPARTS, SURUCU
  • Needles for sewing machines such as SCHMETZ, DOTEC, ALTEK BEISSEL, FLYING TIGER
  • Domestic sewing machines, Embroidery and Knitting machines such as AURORA, BERNINA, BROTHER, JANOME, JUKI, HAGUE, SILVER REED
  • Tailor's mannequins such as TAILORMAID, CELINE и MY DOUBLE
  • Projects of comprehensive equipping for sewing factories


Delivery terms

Sewing equipment can be picked up by yourself or delivered to you by transport company – in this case you will not have to come to us to pick up the machine.

If you are located in other region, then, we can help you to choose the most suitable delivery method through the use of transport company.

The delivery of your goods will be arranged to any place within the shortest time period!


Flexible payment conditions


High-quality service and guarantee conditions

3 years of guarantee period for the industrial sewing equipment bought from us!!!

Enhanced guarantee commitment (3 years) – is the confirmation of our assurance in the proper quality level of supplied goods. We assume the enhanced guarantee commitment for service maintenance  not only for industrial sewing machines of Japanese brands such as BROTHER and JUKI, but also for the Chinese brand sewing machines such as Aurora.

Our service center can repair and adjust industrial sewing machine, and also arrange the warranty and post-warranty repair for the machines bought from us. Our technicians, possessing the wide experience in handling with industrial sewing machines, will help you to repair any sewing machine quickly and professionally.

All our products are certificated.


Our philosophy

Working with our customers, we always try to follow our three main principles.

Honest and credible
We win the trust of our customers not only by our good reputation but also thanks to the fact that we always keep our commitments for what we have agreed with them. Trust of our customers is our greatest asset. We think only treatment with our customers with sincerity will help us to build a long-term and prosperous cooperative relationship.

Customers foremost
Our company deems our customers as our business partners. We are always targeted to pay more attention to our customer’s needs, to create the benefits for them and to cultivate and develop our long-term partnership with them.

Service quality
In order to make our customers being satisfied with our quality service, we are constantly self-demanding to keep improving the customer service and the working management. No matter whether the customer is old or new for us, we always deal with them equally on the basis of pleasure and friendship.



We will be glad to see you among our customers!

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РБ, Минск, Сморговский проезд, д.29, офис 2
тел: +375 (17) 2704018 +375 (44) 7754055 +375 (29) 1411263
e-mail:  sewmach_sp@mail.ru
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